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Energy Efficient Hi-flow Cooling Tower Fans

FRP Hollow bladed Axial flow fans have been designed and developed for use in cooling towers and Heat
Exchangers, to combat hot and humid air under severe environmental conditions. This FRP hollow bladed
fans are light in weight and having a central hub made of Galvanized MS body fitted with CI central spool
and blade holding clamps.


  • Variable Pitch

  • Tough yet Light in weight

  • Erosion resistant

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Power Saving & Short Pay Back period

  • Increased Gear bearing life


Variable Pitch


  • Static pressure can be controlled by adjusting the pitch angle of the blade to achieve the desired duty condition

  • Easy to adjust the blade angle by just loosening the clamp bolts


Tough yet Light

in weight


  • Blades are made from Epoxy composites, which has high strength/weight ratio

  • Light weight and hollow blade combination provides easy installation

  • Minimum down time for maintenance

  • Increased gear-bearing life


Erosion Resistance


  • Application of special Epoxy coating in the
    leading edge of the blade, protects the blade
    against pitting and erosion


Corrosion Resistance

  • All the material used in hub and blades
    are corrosion resistant

  • Blades : FRP Epoxy composites

  • Taper Bush & Hardware : AISI 304

  • Hub Spool & Clamps : CI (IS 210-1993 FG-220)

  • Hub Body : MS Galvanized


Surface Finish



  • Blades are treated with high glossy finish

  • Minimizes frictional losses

  • Contributes in saving of energy


Increased Gear

Bearing Life


  • Due to light weight of the fan rotor, life of the
    bearing in Gear box increase

  • Maximize the bearing change intervals

  • Minimizes the maintenance cost


Power Saving

and Short Pay Back period


  • Due to high aerodynamic efficiency of the aerofoil section of the blade, Hi-flow fans achieve considerable power saving over conventional aluminium blades





  • Hubs are dynamically balanced to
    ISO 1940-1:1986 Grade 6.3

  • Blades are statically moment matched

  • Blades are statically moment matched

  • Vibration free operation is ensured by adopting CTI approved procedures






  • Lower operating costs

  • Reduces the energy requirements

  • Accurate airflow delivery

  • Low noise level - Less than 85 dBs

  • Easy installation

  • Dependable operation

  • No. of blades optimized to make the fan cost effective

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