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Quality Assurance  

Product Range  

Product Range


Energy Sector:

  • High Efficiency Cooling Tower Fans

  • Axial Flow Fans

  • FRP Blowers

  • FRP Outdoor Meter Boxes

  • Outdoor Telecom Signal Boxes




Rural & Agricultural Sector

  • Air assisted Orchard Sprayer

  • HumidifierS

  • Agricultural Implements

  • Vegetable Preservators



Air assisted Orchard Sprayer

Till recent past, to control the pest and diseases in the orchard, conventional hydraulic sprayers of rocker
arm foot sprayers are commonly used. These sprayers are inefficient, time consuming, laborious and involve
about 4 workmen daily. This practice also consumes considerable amount of costly pesticides in the process.






CRIDA Orchard Sprayer:

After extensive field study, Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Hyderabad,
an arm of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi, has designed and developed
an "Air-assisted" sprayer first in India. This model delivers a "Mist of pesticide vapour", which will pe
- netrate deep in to the tree canopy and settles on to the both sides of leaves as tiny droplets. Due to
it's efficient delivery system of pesticide in the form of 'MIST', consumption of pesticide reduces drast
- ically and a saving of about 50% of pesticide when compared to the existing power sprayers.

This Tractor mounted air-assisted orchard sprayer for efficient atomisation quality has undergone larg
- e-scale trials in Mahaboobnagar and Nalgonda Districts of AP by farmers themselves to an extent
of 400 acres of Mango gardens.

Single Man Operation:

This sprayers is designed for Tractor mounting and also takes power from the Tractor PTO, through uni
- versal drive shaft. Hence no additional power is required. Pesticide tank of 150 Ltrs. is designed to be
fitted on the side mudguard of the tractor and connected to the sprayer. Once the tank is filled, Driver
cum Operator can spray the field. Once tank full mix can spray 3 acres in about 1 hour.


Advantages of Air assisted Orchard Sprayer:

  • Air assisted sprayer is fast and can cover about 25 to 30 acres a day.

  • The cost of operation, which is including labour charges, Interest on
    investment, Depreciation, Tractor hire charges all put together is about
    5 times lower than conventional spraying.

  • Short pay back period : Although initial investment is comparatively
    higher, (Rs.50,000), the pay back period is only 21/2 years.

  • Pesticide solution of 40 Ltrs. is sufficient for spraying of one acre of mango orchard.

  • This air-assisted sprayer meets the functional requirement of orchards as evidenced
    by the proper droplet size and density at orchard tree canopy.

  • Target spray saves 50% chemicals and effectively controls pests and diseases



Fruit / Vegetable Preservator:

Fruits and Vegetable Preservators at the farmer's level is considered to be a major problem in India.
Though there are many cold storage units are available, they are restricted to bulk produce and high
value products only. A considerable amount of fruits and vegetable produced in India is lost due to
improper post harvest operations; as a result there is a considerable gap between the gross production
and net availability. It has been estimated that at least 50% of production of fruits and vegetables in the
country is lost due to wastage and value destruction. The wastage cost is estimated to be Rs.23000
crores each year.


This enormous economic loss at national level can be reduced by providing appropriate preservation
and storage structure.



Farmer's and Vendor Level

Keeping them in view, Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture has designed and developed
a low cost portable preservation of fruits and vegetables at farmers level. The self life of the perishable
products like tomatoes, brinjal, ladies finger, leafy vegetables and grapes, mangoes, gauva can be exte
- nded considerably with this system. It has been tested at CRIDA for its performance and found satisfactory.

CRIDA Preservator :

It is made of fibre reinforced plastic for its longer durability. It consists of two compartments with circular
holes all around their periphery. They are kept offset by 1 inch to accomodate the pine grass mats. The
water is dipped on to the mats continuously as per the requirement through the drippers below a circula
r flexible pipe placed above the mats. This system keeps the basked temperature 8 to 10oC less than the
room temperature with 80-85% humidity. That means the temperature inside the preservator will be around
18 to 25oC.



  • CRIDA Preservator keeps the basked temperature 8 to 10oC (around 18 to 25oC) less than the
    room temperature.

  • The higher humidity (around 80 to 85%) with aeration inside the basked increases the shelf life
    of the produce.

  • It is portable

  • It allows the bio respiration of the fresh fruits & vegetables and helps in enriching nutritional quality
    and enzymes development

  • It prevents the distress sale of fruits from the farmer side

  • Prevents the nutrient loss

  • This structure reduces the handling damages

  • Shelf life of the produce can be extended to 7 to 12 days based on the product.




  • It should be kept above the ground level

  • Fresh and semi ripened products should be kept for longer life.

  • Infected and damaged produce should be avaoided

  • Don't allow the water inside the basked otherwise it damages the product.

  • See that the water should be continuously dipped on grass mats.


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