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Axial Flow Fans for Cooling Towers, Heat exchangers and Textile humidification.

Fans :

Our FRP Bladed Dynamic Fans have been designed by Scientists at Indian institute of Science
and tested at National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore.The range of the fans is from 5 feet
diameter to 33 feet diameter.

Cooling Tower Application :

Our Variable Pitch fans are specially designed to meet severe environmental conditions and
Continuous exposure to heat and Water in Cooling towers. Our fan blades are made out of
FRP With epoxy resin, Which gives higher Strength, higher heat resistance and greater
chemical resistance With low Water absorption.


Light and Tough :

Our fan blades are hollow in Construction and hence light in Weight. They are exceptionally
tough and fatigue resistant.

Erosion Resistance :

Our fans have special Leading edge Protection to Safeguard against Erosion.

Balancing :

To ensure Vibration free Operation, the hub assemblies are either Statically or dynamically
balanced depending on the fan RRM. The fan blades are match balanced in Pairs. The entire
fan assembly can also be Statically balanced in Case of Specific request

Materials :

The material Specifications of fan Components are :
Blades : FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic)
Hub Spool : C1 to IS 210 : 1970 Gr. FG 25
Taper Bush : SS to AISI 304
Hub Body : Galvanised Mild Steel
Clamps : C1 to IS 210 : 1970 Gr. FG 25
Hardware : SS to AISF 304


Advantages of Dynamicfans :

Easy Maintenance
Reduction in thrust load
High Efficiency
More Cooling by increased airflow for same Power
Recovery of Capital Cost due to Power Saving

Technical and after Sales Service :

Our Technical Team offer Package Solutions to your Cooling towers and fan Installation
requirements, Complemented by the Sales Support team to ensure Smooth operation of
the equipment


Quality Assurance  
Product Range  

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